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A unity:
Freedom, Equality, Solidarity

“... one who gains the butter becomes audacious.”

Kurt Tucholsky.

The bigger social inequality, competition and insecurity grow, the more influential become the ideologies and practices of the extreme right. A substantial change is necessary here. Education, science and student politics need to intervene socially for that matter:
Capitalism, which is becoming increasingly questionable, is an abundant society in which at the same time social deprivation is on the agenda for the most. This is alterable. The productivity and cultural heritage of our world is not only vast enough to provide everyone with sufficient nutrition and health care. Better and shorter work, sustainability in energy generation and production, innovations for a worldwide equitable economy, cultural evolvement and international solidarity instead of competition and war are possible. But only activities of solidarity can make this a new reality.

As long as the universities prosecute cultural conformance and social selection—and this is considered “excellent”—they are part of the problem and not the solution. We can change this together. It depends on student initiative. For example, with the campaign to overcome austerity (“Schuldenbremse streichen”) we are advocating for a needs-based public funding of education, science, social and cultural issues and a reform of bachelor and master—as a unity! At the same time, we are thus fighting an internationally harmful economy and its according ideology that declares competition and selfishness as “without alternative” and fuels inequality.
Humans are not coldly calculating lone warriors in the first place, but social and cultural beings. In order for this potential to be fully developed in society, favorable conditions must be created. This can be achieved exemplarily at the universities:

— through socially, culturally and structurally barrier-free education;
— through more time for a thorough study and encouragement for deepening, discussion, cooperation and criticism;
— through reasonable employments and payment for everyone working here;
— through sciences that responsibly use their freedom to achieve peace, human dignity and sustainability;
— through reasoning for well-equipped public services instead of deficiency management;
— through a new liveliness of democratic everyday culture and rational festivity;
— through the functionally sensible and culturally pleasing appropriation of the university buildings;
— through common democratic self-organization.

What is achieved at the university has an impact on society as a whole: Solidarity makes a better world! For this we work together at the university as “Bündnis für Aufklärung und Emanzipation (BAE!)”: Students from Die LINKE and the SPD, activists from trade unions, the peace movement, refugee solidarity and Antifa, progressively ambitious individuals, student councils and environmental activists—from many countries and disciplines. In doing so we also work in solidarity with fellow students from CampusGrün.
Opposition to the right is: left.

Election of the Akademischer Senat (Academic Senate, AS)

The Academic Senate (AS) is the highest democratic body of the university. It is involved in the election of the university´s chair, discusses all basic questions of the university´s development and has decision-making rights (e.g. with regard to the examination regulations, allocation of funds, development of the university, etc.). The AS is composed of 10 professors, 3 students, 3 scientific employees and 3 representatives of the support employees (technicians, librarians and administrative employees). The student representatives are elected annually, all others every second year.
The election is a postal vote. The election documents will be sent to you including a paid-for-self-addressed envelope. Those who have received no or incorrect documents by January 6th can get the correct documents from the University Electoral Office („Wahlamt“) by January 20th, 1:30 p.m.
The completed election documents must have reached the Electoral Office by 2:00 p.m. on January 20, 2020 at the latest.
The Electoral Office is located in Mittelweg 177, room S 4058, 20148 Hamburg.
Programme for the election of the Academic Senate in German and in English.